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Clydegrove can recommend expert Solicitors who specialise in Property Law so that no matter how complex your case may be, they will be able to carry out the legal work quickly, thoroughly and efficiently.

Purchasing a home may be the biggest single purchase you ever make so having expert Solicitors on your side ensures a proper legal contract will be concluded.

Clydegrove have also agreed competitive fees which you can benefit from.

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Wills & Power of Attorney

Clydegrove can introduce you to experienced Solicitors who will see you in our offices and who can help with all your legal needs.


Understandably, people have reservations regarding this delicate matter, but the process need not turn out to be as upsetting and difficult as you might think. In fact, having made a Will gives you a feeling that you have done everything correctly and provides inner warmth that only comes in the knowledge that you have tied up all those loose ends.

But making sure that you have a Will is not enough; it has to be the right type of Will – one that is professionally drafted to take into account your wishes, and your personal and financial circumstances.

The correct Will can allow you to:

  • Specify whom you wish to inherit your estate, in what order and in what proportions so that you have comfort in the knowledge that your wishes will be carried out.
  • Make specific legacies to family or friends or gifts to your favourite charities.
  • Appoint suitable guardians for young children rather than leaving the decision to the Courts.
  • Set up maintenance trusts for children to protect their inheritance until an age specified by you.
  • Ensure the inheritance of your children or other beneficiaries should the survivor re-marry.
  • Protect your share of the property from having to be sold to pay for the survivors future care fees, thus still having assets to leave to your family.

Amending an Existing Will

If you already have a Will, it is recommended that you review it every 2 to 5 years. Sometimes your wishes may not have changed, but the value of your assets and the law may have. As such it is very important to ensure that your Will does exactly what you want it to do; that it protects your assets and investments, and most importantly that you have taken advantage of various areas of flexibility within the law of estate planning.

Power of Attorney

If you need to appoint someone else to have the temporary authority to sign legal documents on your behalf, you can consider granting them a general power of attorney.

A lasting power of attorney goes further, to deal with the situation when you may no longer have the mental capacity to make your own decisions, and a living will can define how you want to be treated medically in this scenario.

Ensuring that a valid last will and testament is in place will help to ensure that your wishes are carried out and your family remain protected after your death.

We are happy to help with WILL WRITING and POWERS OF ATTORNEY

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Our dedicated PPI Claims Team

Clydegrove Accountants Ltd are delighted to be partnering with Ngl Solicitors for claiming back mis-sold PPI.

NGL are Scotland’s leading ppi claims solicitors, having claimed back over 30 million pounds for over 25,000 customers since 2007.

How can we help you?

With over 24.5 billion pounds of PPI claimed back in the industry, and with billions more to come, and the announcement of the ppi claim deadline being 29th August 2019, we provide a no win no fee service to all our customers with a competitive fee of 25% plus vat only payable on success.

Indeed a new Supreme Court verdict means that even previously rejected claims may be successful and so we expect a flood of new claims from people who will finally get the message that its time now to make your ppi claim.

We can accept and revisit:

  • New ppi claims
  • Previously rejected claims
  • Successful claims that may have been underpaid and most have
  • Don’t miss this final opportunity to claim back money that you are owed.

Please contact our office immediately to arrange for our free no win no fee ppi check to be carried out for you.

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Debt problems

Are you struggling with Debt problems? Are you being hounded by creditors?

Being in debt can be stressful and it can be difficult to know what to do first - especially if you’re constantly getting letters and calls from the companies you owe money to.

Clydegrove are here to help as we believe there’s no debt problem that’s unsolvable and addressing the problem will help give you peace of mind...

Let us find the best solution for you.

  • Debt Repayment Plan
  • Trust Deed
  • Sequestration (Scottish term for Bankruptcy)

Let us help – arrange a confidential appointment today.

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